Where are you in the CPQ Journey?

23rd August 2023

From start-up to enterprise, Vendori brings control and velocity into your B2B dealmaking process

Whether you’re a seasoned CPQ expert or wondering what the acronym stands for (it’s “Configure, Price, Quote,” btw) we are certain that you’re experiencing transacting and broader business challenges due to inflexible and outdated dealmaking solutions. Keep reading to see how Vendori can help you solve the most common (and most complex) problems, wherever you are in the growth story.


A CPQ platform is probably the last thing on a start-up founder or COO’s mind. Why should you be thinking about investing in a scalable transacting solution when your time needs to be spent building your product, raising capital, hiring employees, and developing your GTM strategy?

Almost all CRM software comes with native “quoting” technology. If you’ve enlisted expensive implementation consultants to deploy your CRM, it might even solve your current need for simple quotes and product management. Buy why be dependent on expensive consulting services to customize your solution and what do you think will happen as your business continues to evolve with new products, pricing strategies, and increasingly complex IT infrastructure?

Vendori establishes a flexible foundation for the future and enables anyone to create beautiful customer-facing quotes, build complex product catalogs, manage your customers’ assets, and integrate seamlessly with your CRM system for enterprise-quality data management, regardless of complexity – no coding required!


Your business model has been validated and you’ve built a core base of customers – how do you handle the challenges of scaling and maintaining your growth? You’ve overcome the initial hurdles of finding product / market fit and now need to build processes and systems around your growing sales teams, operations and IT stack.

Current CPQ solutions can be customized with expensive and lengthy consulting engagements, but your business is dynamic and you’re still experimenting with new pricing models, commercial policies and sales strategies.

Vendori allows you to bridge the gap from start-up to SMB seamlessly and without any external consulting support: creating dynamic pricing rules and approval workflows, access our proprietary Channel Network, and integration of your commercial policies directly into your sales teams’ dealmaking process.


By now you’ve already felt the pain of your outdated CPQ solution and have experienced finance and operations teams to support your sales and IT processes. How much time and money are you spending to clean-up “bad data” once it hits your ERP, product database, finance / RevRec platforms, and compensation tools? Are you forced to hire large teams of deal desk and sales support groups to ensure your front-line sellers aren’t eroding your bottom line with excessive discounting?

Vendori is the only CPQ platform that correctly manages contract amendments “out-of-the-box,” so you can identify and track net new bookings, customer asset ownership, and all other deal data points. Want to structure a deal with multiple product types, add-ons, bundles, and custom billing schedules? Vendori provides a completely flexible quoting environment, all built on our no-code technology, so business owners can manage their requirements and IT can focus on data security and access.

Vendori was born from frustration with existing quoting solutions. Our team brings decades of experience engaging with sales, finance, operations, and management to solve B2B transacting challenges in the technology industry. Put control and velocity into your transacting process today! Visit for more information or reach out to us directly at

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