Simplifying Business Velocity: The Vendori Approach to CPQ Solutions

5th September 2023

Business moves fast…

Listen to conversations around the office, and you will undoubtedly hear folks talk about velocity, the seldom-measured yet always laggard metric that keeps us from closing business. Sales leaders want the ability to package together multiple product and pricing options and quickly present these alternatives to prospective customers.

These variations inevitably require CPQ system changes, and even though finance, operations, and IT leaders are all focused on process improvement, trying to shave down service level agreements and increase performance, the output is never fast enough.

The back office is stuck thinking that a continuous improvement mindset will provide the desired speed and flexibility. Meanwhile, the customer-facing teams feel abandoned on the front-line, waiting for what they perceive to be simple requests. Eventually, executives intervene with the age-old solution – let’s drive simplicity throughout our ecosystem.

Balancing Sustainability and Simplicity in the Ecosystem

The challenge, of course, is that the ecosystem was designed for sustainability, not simplicity, which means that IT develops in sprints, migrates code between environments during outage weekends, and nothing rolls into production until it is tested, signed-off, etc.

This framework requires many teams to get involved, multiple handoffs, and SLAs, and whenever the approved requirements are finally ready for IT development, the enhancement is backlogged because demand always exceeds supply. Back office teams are stuck in what seems like an endless loop, sales teams are frustrated because nobody moves as fast as sales, and executives repeat the simplicity mantra. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Queue Vendori – born out of frustration with these inflexible CPQ solutions.

The Innovation Behind Vendori’s No-Code Platform

It was designed to allow sales, finance, and operations teams to run the day-to-day business while leaving IT to focus on technology priorities. As a result, Vendori is a no-code platform, which means that business teams can quickly structure deals within the platform, including:

  • Adding product types, billing terms, add-ons, discounts, etc.: Seamlessly accomplished through simple point-and-click actions.
  • Streamlined Rule Creation and Enforcement: Commercial policies and workflow enforcement rules are efficiently executed within the platform, saving weeks of time.
  • Seamless Subscription Management: Integrated, native, and robust, ensuring effective handling of subscription tasks like contract amendments and auto-renewals.
  • Collaboration-Boosting Multi-Tenant Architecture: Our platform brings together OEMs, resellers, distributors, and system integrators, fostering teamwork and cooperation.
  • Rapid Deal Preparation and Execution: Business teams swiftly prepare intricate deals, including unique workflow approvals, which are efficiently channeled through sales and completed by end-users.

Seamless Integration and Rapid Implementation: Experience Vendori in Action

Vendori integrates into your CRM and other existing systems so that no other business processes are disturbed. This means that you can rapidly be up and running in Vendori without months of requirements gathering and documentation before implementation.

Actions speak louder than words; experience the power of Vendori firsthand. Schedule a demo and let us show you how Vendori empowers every team to match the pace of sales.

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