No-Code and the Future of CPQ

24th August 2023

The Vendori Story — Who We Are and How We’re Changing CPQ

When a problem is complex, solutions are complex — at least, at first.

As products, delivery models and pricing became too dynamic to manually manage within the sales process, the first CPQ (configure, price, quote) solutions were built to break up the cash-flow bottleneck. These were complex solutions, with complex implementations, needing comprehensive technical support from IT and third-party consultants to maintain.

At Vendori we believe that going to work shouldn’t feel like going back in time. Whether your job is growing the top line or guarding the bottom line, Vendori was designed to provide a simplified user experience to help you manage complex B2B deals.

We’re Vendori — The Next Gen CPQ

Collectively at Vendori we have decades of experience within the CPQ space. We have a shared passion for building things the right way in the lab in order to work effectively in the wild. We’ve observed and experienced the frustrations that come with first generation CPQ solutions and designed Vendori to reduce quote approval times, increase efficiency for complex sales, standardize price ranges and more. With Vendori, we have also iterated on what hasn’t worked — long implementation periods, expensive servicing investments, rigid capabilities that come with high price tags to customize or reconfigure. We’ve committed to lessening the people and process load and leveraging the Vendori platform to handle more of the work.

“Vendori began from frustration,” according to Founder and CEO, Ethan Garonzik. “The quoting and deal-making process is a critical part of any B2B company and we were involved with too many bad transacting experiences and dysfunctional CPQ implementations,” he added.

Armed with decades of bad experiences, the Vendori team set out to create a comprehensive platform that delivers control and velocity within the sales process.

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Why the Future of CPQ is True No-Code Capabilities

Just because we’ve been in the technical nitty-gritty of CPQ for a long time, though, doesn’t mean we’ve built a software developer’s expectation of what a simple CPQ solution should be. We know there’s a distinct difference between engineering a software platform and actually using a software platform day to day.

From the beginning, many CPQ platforms haven’t required full-on software-coding credentials to stand up. However, in place of coding language, there are usually complex settings, exacting specifications for integrations, ambiguous or unintuitive permissions, and to be blunt, some parts that just don’t play nicely with others.

It’s “no-code*” with an asterisk, implying using features may not require coding, but the setup and user interface still demand specialized and expensive support from consultants or niche third parties.

At Vendori, we believe “no-code” should mean “no-code AND no coding-like complexity.” CPQ management should be intuitive enough for business professionals to handle without requiring extensive training and support while leaving security and data management to your IT team. Vendori reduces the challenges of complex transactions and equips business to grow and pivot with speed, unencumbered by IT bottlenecks, and free from integration partner slow-downs. We believe technology should enable such iterative performance growth, as opposed to stifling it with finite configurations and capabilities.

We are the next generation CPQ solution built to grow with your business for whatever the future has in store.

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